Rodan + Fields Reverse Line

Hello all!

I recently became a consultant with Rodan + Fields and am absolutely loving it!!! In the last year I have been on the search for skincare that would produce results while also protecting my skin from sun damage as well as aging. I took a trip to Nordstrom and was so excited to finally invest in a line that the specialist at the counter promised would bring great results for my skin. I was noticing fine lines on my forehead, brown spots and some brown patches on my face (which I didn’t know then was pregnancy mask). After 8 months of frustration over my skin I noticed one day that my mother in laws skin was FLAWLESS. I knew she had invested in the Redefine line by Rodan + Fields but I didn’t think much of it until I saw her. Her skin was glowing, looked firmer, so soft and so EVEN!! That evening I made up my mind that either 1) I was going to be a customer for Rodan + Fields or 2) I was going to become a consultant. A friend from college had approached me about it so I contacted her and then was on my way to becoming a consultant!!!

I am mostly writing this post so I can share a before and after of just only FIVE days of using the line Reverse. My brown spots are fading, my face is smoother and just this morning (mind you, only after five days of using the regimen) my husband asked if I was wearing makeup…NO it was only 6am and clearly I had not done my makeup.

Rodan + Fields Reverse

Before & After of being on regimen for FIVE days!!!

Preferred Customers get 10% off!

If you love these results which are not even full results since I just began the regimen then let’s get you started!!! Click the link above!

XOXO, Cecily

Best Secrets of Baby’s Best Night of Sleep

When Capri was born I had no idea about how often a baby needed to eat, sleep, burped or changed. The first month I spent a lot of time awake nursing her and trying to get her to go back to sleep…I look back on those moments and I wish I would have just enjoyed holding her a little bit longer but being sleep deprived I did the best I could 🙂

I read Baby Wise & Baby Whisperer and found some helpful hints in that book. Since she was very small at birth (4lbs 10oz) her pediatrician advised us to stay away from sleep training until she started to sleep through the night on her own. He however did encourage some tips that would help with her getting used to a bed time every night. Below are some of his tips as well as mine that helped so much. We begin Capri’s bedtime routine at 5:30 and then put her down (already asleep) around 6-6:30. She sleeps through the night until about 6 or 7am. Lately, since switching her out of her bassinet in our room to her crib in her own room she has been waking up to be comforted from 1-3 times per night but I only spend about 2-15 minutes with her during those times.

Here are the tips:

*More sleep = more sleep- Get your little one to take some naps during the day. A baby needs a lot of sleep and that’s why this works for them. We think that naps would keep them up longer which is not necessarily true. It may be true for us but since they are doing so much growing and they are learning and exploring so much while they are awake, babies need that nap time to recharge.

*Once the sun starts going down, keep the inside of your home dim. Keep the baby out of brightly lit rooms and have the TV on low volume or off. This will help them get used to having quiet time before bed time.

*Know your baby’s cry. Watch this video on YouTube, it will explain it all.

*Stick to a feeding routine before you put him/her down. For example, I nurse Capri and then feed her 2oz of solids. I usually nurse/rock her to sleep but I have noticed she doesn’t get a full feed if I nurse her to sleep. I know it’s completely for comfort not to be nourished.

*Bath time- If you’ve don’t some reading you probably have heard or read somewhere that says babies don’t need a bath every day because they don’t get dirty fast (unless they are eating solids and putting their hands in it and getting it all over their face haha). We started a nightly bath routine when Capri was around 1.5 months. The warm water and the lavender bath bubbles (I truly believe in this stuff) calms her down and she totally relaxes. I compare it to us relaxing in a jacuzzi or spa.

*Warm pajamas and a swaddle. I use fleece or terry cloth pajamas for Capri..unless the night is warm I will use cotton. I love the halo sleep sack swaddle. I still swaddle her even though she is 6 months. Some people may chastise me for that but I know it’s what she needs in order to sleep and when she’s ready to not be swaddled she will let me know.

*White noise- a fan or something that creates a drowning out sound works wonders!

*Nurse/rock your baby- Most books advise not to do this but I believe that every baby loves to be close to their mama. Once again, it’s not every night that Capri wants me to rock her so I take her cue and lay her down. But most nights she enjoys being rocked/nursed to sleep.

Because of this nightly routine, Capri literally falls asleep within minutes of me putting on her diaper and pj’s for bed. She is so accustomed to it that if we go out of bounds with her routine she is a little confused.

I hope this helps those mamas who are not sure what to do with their baby who “doesn’t like to nap/sleep”.

Here are some sweet pics of Capri sleeping!

203415544365105Have a great day!

XO, Cecily

November 2012’s Biggest Surprise

Babies always made me nervous and growing up I was always the youngest so I never had the chance to “practice” being a little mama. When Sam and I got married I had the dream of living up the newlywed lifestyle for 5 years and then start trying for babies. Just like I thought I was going to go to New York for college and get married at 25 hah…Our plans don’t always line up to what God has in store for us do they?

In May 2012 I started getting excited with the idea of starting our own family. We had good solid jobs, a big enough  home and wonderful pets so it seemed like it was the perfect time! Sam on the other hand was not quite ready for babies. He told me let’s start trying in the new year. So I waited and prayed and asked the Lord for the perfect timing.

As summer ended and fall approached I heard of so many couples starting to try and also finding out they were pregnant. This made me so happy for them but I also couldn’t wait to join along in the fun. Once September hit I would ask Sam everyday, “Can this be the day we start trying?!” And to my inpatient disappointment he said no.

FINALLY on October 17th after bible study one evening, Sam gave me a hug and said “The Lord told me it’s time to start trying.” I was soooo excited, nervous and extremely happy!!! This is what every girl dreams about right?!

blog1Fall 2012

The first week of November I woke up from a dream where I was looking down and rubbing my very large pregnant belly. In my dream I was so happy…It was one of those I’m-so-happy-I-could-cry happies. I also felt like I had already met the baby, like I knew who he/she was.

I’ll never forget when I experienced my first pregnancy symptoms. For example: at boot camp one morning I was the last person to finish (I’m usually the first) and my favorite exercise-push ups became extremely difficult. I became exhausted in my normal every day routine as well. Something was up.

I decided to take a test on the day I knew wouldn’t be too early. I waited and I started seeing a faint line appear in the test window. I looked closer since it was early and I yelled to Sam to come in the bathroom. He read it and said, “ITS POSITIVE!” I could not believe it. Not one bit!

I went about my day and called my doctors office. They asked the general question, did you take a test..yada yada yada yada. I obviously said yes but told them I still couldn’t believe it. My appointment followed that next Monday. The gal on the phone told me based off my LMP (last missed period) I would be 4.5 weeks along.

That weekend Sam and I went to Palm Springs. Since I was still unsure about being pregnant, I took a test every single day while we were there. The test that finally convinced me was a pregnancy test I bought from the 99cent store. This humored Sam. We were so excited to come home and tell our family that we left Palm Springs early. We bought both of our moms coffee mugs that said “You don’t know an angel until you’ve met my Grandma.”

blog2Here is a picture of our drive to PS…I remember feeling so queasy

The next morning was Sunday and we decided that before church we would tell our family before the service. The first stop was my moms house. We sure did surprise them because they thought we were still in PS. When I had her open the mug her response was “I KNEW IT!!!” Since we work together and are with each other every day she could tell something was different and was one of the few that knew I was off birth control.

The next person we got to tell was Sam’s momma. We caught them in the drive-thru Starbucks and we ran up to the car and Sam startled her (hehehe-sorry Julie!) Since she watched our golden pup Lola that weekend she thought the mug was a thank you gift for watching her. After 10 seconds she realized the real reason and got out of the car and was screaming and jumping up and down hugging us! We were thrilled.

Syd, my twin was actually the first to know before our moms because we had to call him about something so we told him that morning. We told the rest of our fam that Sunday and I called two of my closest friends that Monday to tell them as well. Funny thing is both of them already called it!

That following week I went to my Dr.’s appointment to confirm the pregnancy and take blood. We also got to take pictures with our favorite photographer-Acres of Hope Photography so we decided to do a little portion of us doing “belly” pics (which were funny because I was only 6 weeks).

Imagepreg ann2


Then on January 3rd, my hubby’s 25th birthday we had our first ultra sound and also announced to the whole world we were expecting a baby in July 2013. Here’s our little bebe at 10w6days or 11w6days 🙂


My expected Due Date was July 26th 2013. I had high hopes for my pregnancy but didn’t realize how difficult it could be…

{To Be Continued}


Hello world! I miss blogging and now that I’m a mommy I decided it’s time to pick it back up so I can journal my experience. I’m going to share about Capri, life as a wife, working momma and of course my favorite-clothes, working out and enjoying life with quality style and ease.

In these next posts I will share my journey of pregnancy (quickly) and the first 5 1/2 months of my life with Capri. I will also throw in some fun posts in between.

It feels good to be back.

XO, Cecily

Cast Your Nets to the Other Side

This morning I was convicted of holding onto my worries and burdens. As a child of Christ, He calls us to lay our burdens at his cross. While I was doing my devotions I found myself reading  John 21, where the disciples were fishing and could not catch any fish. Then, a man (Jesus) told them to cast their nets  to the other side. When they threw the net on the other side, fish overflowed the net that they weren’t able to pull it back up!!

“Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some. When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish” John 21:6.

My interpretation of this passage is that in life we will try something over and over again our way, the right way. We become anxious, discouraged and worrisome because our way isn’t working. Our net becomes full of these feelings, of which do not bring about success or joy. When we take our nets and let go, we allow the Lord to work. His ways surely are much better than ours!

Top 10 Suburbs in San Diego, CA

Being a Realtor in San Diego, I found it interesting to know the top 10 & best suburbs in San Diego…

I found the top ten cities by my trusted website, I took the reseach further and researched how many homes in those particular cities sold in the past 3 months and what the average home sold for…Hopefully you find this interesting and useful like I did 🙂

1. Poway-Poway is known for its award winning schools and epicenter of business headquarters. Poway is also known as the “city in the country”…In the past 90 days, 102 homes have sold! The average home is 4bedrooms, 2 bathrooms at a sales price of $602,000.

2. Chula Vista- This city obviously ranks number 2 since it is the second largest metropolitan city in San Diego! Chula Vista is home to Cricket Wireless Ampitheater, Knotts Soak City and the new Westfield Mall, Plaza Bonita. The average home in Chula Vista is 4bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. In the past 3 months 422 homes sold at an average sales price of $316,217.

3. La Mesa- La Mesa exudes old charm & character. This city also is home to Mount Helix, where many mansions lie boasting of beauty and craft. If you ever visit in La Mesa, visit the Village in La Mesa-a whole Boulevard of shops, restaurants and businesses…*also where my office lies* 🙂 The average home in La Mesa is 3bedrooms,2bathrooms. In the past 3 months, 95 homes sold at a sales price of $385,924.

4. Carlsbad- The beachy,casual, non-commercialized city. With high home prices, median income families and high level of education, Carlsbad is one of San Diego’s wealthiest cities. Carlsbad offers so much to do! From shopping at the outlet mall, K1 speed racing, the flower fields, the beaches & MORE! Surprisingly, 211 homes have sold in the past 3 months with an average of 4bedrooms 3bathrooms and at a high of $764,517 sales price!

5. Santee- This city has increasingly grown over the past decade…Oftenly confused with Lakeside, Santee has become much more metropolitan with its large and brand new shopping center & trolley system! Santee is also home of Mission Trails park, which has beautiful open fields and trails to take your family to hike, bike or play! The average home sales price in Santee is $313,086 with an average of 3bedrooms,2bathrooms and 74 home sales in the past 90 days!

6. Escondido-Home to Legoland & Wild Animal Park. Founded in 1888, Escondido is one of the oldest cities in San Diego. It is also ranked #11 out of 25 cities in America as one of the most conservative cities in America! With 283 homes sold in the past 90 days, the average home has 3bedrooms, 3bathrooms with an average sales price of $341,199.

7. San Marcos- San Marcos is one of the fastest growing cities in San Diego, with new housing, retail and businesses it is predicted to only keep growing. San Marcos is known for its University, CSUSM and Palomar College. With an average sales price of homes at $376,762, 64 homes sold in the past 90 days!

8.Encinitas- If you have ever been to Encinitas, or you live there you will easily agree with me that it has an urban, eclectic beach style and feel. With hip & healthy cafe’s, clothing stores that feature a beauty salon inside and the beaches…OH THE BEACHES! Not to mention the gorgeous homes…With an average sales price of $803,830 Encinitas takes 2nd place as the most expensive place to live in this list! With an average of 4bedrooms,3bathrooms 66 homes have sold in the past 3 months.

9. Ramona- True rural living right here!!! Known as a cowboy/farmer town with homes on over an acre of a lot and a quaint downtown area. Sounds beautiful and wonderful for a getaway…There is a commute out to Ramona, but truly is beautiful! Since December, 86 homes in Ramona have sold with an average of 3bedrooms, 2bathrooms for an affordable sales price of $311,923.

10. Coronado/Rancho Sante Fe/Del Mar- Only if you can afford to live in these GORGEOUS cities…Coronado is close to downtown and a sweet getaway from the city yet being close to home…My favorite places in Coronado? Obviously the Hotel Del, MooTime Ice creamery, Emerald Surf, Silver Strand campgrounds & Loews Hotel Coronado. Rancho Sante Fe & Del Mar…Que BONITA! Opening day at the races anyone? With the true and beautiful mansions of San Diego, Hip&Designer shops in downtown Del Mar and luxury cars crawling the streets. My dream is to own a home here one day 🙂 I combined all these cities together to pull an average sales price/beds&baths/#of home sales…On average combined, 414 homes sold since December in these 3 cities at an average of $2,263,696 to be exact 😉

If you have thought of moving to one of these beautiful cities or any other beautiful cities that San Diego has to offer, I am here to help! I have keys to the city & have access to what is available…Whether you are looking for your first home, second or 10th home I can help you. Foreclosures, short sales, traditional sales…I know them all! Allow me to be your open book of resources for homes in San Diego county. I love this city and I enjoy helping you find your dream home!

*these pictures are not to scale on the average sales price per city.*


Sugar&Spice…and Everything Nice!

This is by far my favorite time of year!!!

Cold weather, yummy coffee drinks, giving to others, being with friends & family, listening to Holiday music, eating alot of desserts…mmm, the list could go on!

I always love knowing what others want for Christmas, and what is on their *wish* list. I only have a few items thus far…and am asking Sam (wonderful husband) nicely for these beautiful presents 😀

What is on your Christmas *wish* list??

Happy Holiday season!

An Incredible Little Boutique

Alright girls! I found this super cute & trendy boutique…It has locations around San Diego like La Jolla, Horton Plaza & Carlsbad.

Francescas Boutique is the name, and you can find just about anything in there to complete a shopping sweet tooth!

From little knacks for your home, perfect& thoughtful gifts, beautiful dresses, rockin boots & heels, purse galore, and jewelry heaven!!

Some of my favorite picks from their website:

This store is totally a mix of Anthro meets Forever21!

Check them out in the store or online @